Cantilever - Vertical Prestressed Precast Concrete Retaining Wall

Panels set vertically into a foundation 550m deep & tied in using cradles and reinforcing bars supplied.

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R35 Cantilever Vertical - Large Format Precast Wall Panels

Large format precast wall panels positioned vertically or horizontally. A single panel can be manufactured 3m high and up to 10m in length.

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Precast Concrete Storage Tanks are ideal for agriculture and industrial applications for below ground storage of water or slurry. They can also be used as attenuation tanks for the collection and controlled release of rainwater during periods of high rainfall. Due to concrete’s chemical resistance properties and high strength, it also has a longer working life when compared to plastic or metal materials. If you are looking for above ground tanks please contact us for further information.

Examples of suitable applications of precast tanks include:

  • Water companies with wastewater treatment and final settlement tanks.
  • Sludge tanks.
  • Biogas organisations utilising anaerobic digestion with slurry tanks and digestate storage tanks.
  • Farmers for manure storage and slurry storage.
  • Fish farmers for aquaculture.


Underground Storage Tanks offer a wide range of advantages compared to above ground tank solutions. One key advantage is that precast tanks can be fully or partially buried, to improve the overall visual appearance and so that the occupation of valuable land space can be minimised. Concrete tanks also keep the stored material such as water much cooler which eliminates algae growth due to the lack of light as well as preventing cryptosporidium and Legionnaires disease. Although underground tanks will take longer to install and can be more expensive than above ground tanks, the longer-term benefits outweigh these negatives and can save money.


Manufactured in controlled factory conditions using Quality Assured concrete, both precast and prestressed concrete wall panels provide a known performance, unlike traditional in-situ ‘poured’ walls, reducing the need for specialist and costly engineering input.


At ACP (Concrete) Ltd, we offer two different precast concrete wall products in a wide range of sizes to suit almost all requirements.  Our unrivalled experience can help you to make the right choice between prestressed Vertical Cantilever walls and precast R35 cantilever walls.


As a guide, the following questions should be considered before commissioning for an Underground Precast Concrete Storage Tank:

  • What type of liquid is being stored?
  • What capacity does the precast tank need to contain?
  • Are you looking to have an open or closed storage tank?
  • Where is the location of the underground tank? In some cases, tanks must be a certain distance from watercourse/wastewater treatments as an example.
  • Do ground conditions impose limitations on the depth or design?



  • Deep Tanks
  • Shallow Tanks & Covered Tanks


Prestressed and Precast Concrete Underground Storage Tanks



There are 2 wall systems to choose from for Underground Storage Tanks

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If you are unsure about any of these questions or have any further questions, please contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail.


We have the experience and knowledge to help and support you throughout the full process from design, construction and installation to ensure your final solution is fit for purpose.

Our Prestressed and Precast Concrete Design and Installation Service

There are 2 wall systems to choose from for Underground Storage Tanks