When constructing any building, you will more than likely need to consider first floor construction and staircases. Suspended floor construction is increasingly the most popular choice in residential or domestic construction for new house or residential building as well as for architects, engineers and contractors across Industrial, Commercial and Office buildings, car parks and other projects / applications.

When considering first floor design, a prestressed concrete floor and/or precast staircase solution is a cost-effective solution due to concrete’s durable and robust properties. It is also generally weather independent and allows fast and easy installation.


A suspended floor consists of a void underneath the structure to allow air flow and ventilation and consists of prestressed concrete floor planks or slabs. The most popular being Block and Beam Floors, also offers an insulated option, particularly important if you are looking for a high thermal performance and eco-friendly flooring solution.


At ACP (Concrete) Ltd we also design and manufacturer various configurations for staircases from a single straight stair flight to a complete precast concrete stairwell with landings.


Manufactured in controlled factory conditions using Quality Assured concrete, prestressed concrete floors provide a known performance, unlike traditional in-situ ‘poured’ floors, reducing the need for specialist and costly engineering input.


At ACP (Concrete) Ltd, we offer different floor and/or stair products in a wide range of sizes as we manufacture concrete wall panels to suit almost all requirements. Our unrivalled experience can help you to make the right choice between Wide slab Floors, Block and Beam Flooring and Staircases and/or Landings.


All our prestressed floor products and precast staircases and landings are delivered nationwide from our factory in Workington, Cumbria.

The following questions should be considered when determining the best solution:

  • Durability
  • Strength and stability
  • Fire safety
  • Resistance to passage of heat
  • Resistance to passage of sound
  • Resistance to ground moisture


  • Private Housing and Flats
  • Residential Developments
  • Offices


Prestressed Concrete Suspended First and Upper Floor Construction

Domestic or Residential House Floors & Office and Commercial Floors

There are 2 types of floor systems and 3 types of stairs and/or landings to choose from for First and Upper Floor Construction:

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We have the experience and knowledge to help and support you throughout the full process from design, construction and installation to ensure your final solution is fit for purpose.

Our Prestressed and Precast Concrete Design and Installation Service

There are 2 types of floor systems and 3 types of stairs and/or landings to choose from for First and Upper Floor Construction: