Cantilever - Vertical Prestressed Precast Concrete Retaining Wall

Panels set vertically into a foundation 550m deep & tied in using cradles and reinforcing bars supplied.

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R35 Cantilever Vertical - Large Format Precast Wall Panels

Large format precast wall panels with projecting rebars to tie into foundation/ floor slab. A single panel can be manufactured 3m high and up to 10m in length.

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Arrow - Freestanding Precast Concrete Walls Panels

Free standing, movable panels that sit directly onto the structural concrete floor slab. Can be bolted down if required.

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A self-supporting or cantilever retaining wall is designed to rely on its own self-weight plus backfill on the foundation to stand up and retain the soil behind it. These precast retaining walls are designed to form a boundary to accommodate changes in ground level making them ideal for reprofiling of sloping sites.

With its high strength, durability and low maintenance requirements Precast Concrete is the best choice for standalone earth retaining walls. Manufactured in controlled factory conditions using Quality Assured concrete, both precast and prestressed precast concrete wall panels provide a known performance, unlike traditional in-situ ‘poured’ walls reducing the need for specialist and costly engineering input.  In addition, the relatively thin section size makes them space efficient when compared to gabion walls.


At ACP (Concrete) Ltd, we have products available suitable for retaining up to 5m high ACP Concrete Ltd and our unrivalled experience can help you to make the right choice between Prestressed Vertical Cantilever Walls, Precast R35 Cantilever Walls and free-standing Arrow Panels.

The following questions should be considered:

  • Are you looking for a permanent or temporary solution?
  • The height of the earth to be retained.
  • The difference in levels to be accommodated.
  • Surcharge loads ie traffic on the retained soil
  • Are there any Highways restrictions/requirements?



  • High Loads, Awkward Layouts & Curved Walls.
  • Walls with High Quality Finish.
  • Temporary Retaining Walls & Rapid Build Situations.


Self-Supporting Earth Retaining Walls Solutions

Earth Retaining

There are 3 wall systems to choose from for Self-Supporting Earth Retaining Walls

Here to help...

If you are unsure about any of these questions or have any further questions, please contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail.


We have the experience and knowledge to help and support you throughout the full process from design, construction and installation to ensure your final solution is fit for purpose.

Our Prestressed and Precast Concrete Design and Installation Service

There are 3 wall systems to choose from for Self Supporting Earth Retaining Walls