Ensuring that any industrial buildings, machinery and equipment are secure is a vital part of any business. Security walls are designed to be built around a diverse number of infrastructures to provide protection from unlawful intrusion, theft, vandalism and attack.

The robust nature of precast concrete walls makes them ideal for security purposes including boundary perimeter walls, secure compound walls, retail and warehouse walls. Unlike lightweight steel walls, it is not easy for thieves to cut through the dense, durable concrete. In addition, these robust security walls offer greater resistance to vehicle impact damage and the opaque nature of concrete prevents visibility into the secure area.


Here are some examples to give you an idea what options are available when installing a security wall:

  • Dado walls to the perimeter of warehousing and retail stores can be combined with full height concrete security walls for highly vulnerable areas.
  • Precast concrete floor and roof sections can be combined to provide a complete precast security walling system or secure vault.
  • External wall units can also be designed to impede "ram raid" attack.
  • Site security can be provided using free-standing precast security walling in place of traditional fencing materials. Incorporation of cast fixing sockets enables security wire and lighting to be easily fitted to the walls.

The following questions should be considered when determining the best solution:

  • Wall height required?
  • Impact resistance required, forktrucks operating in the building/ ram raids?
  • Anti -Climb properties required?


All ACP systems are approved and comply with the various regulations and controls including:

  • Eurocode 2



  • Warehouse Walls
  • Secure Compound / Yard Walls
  • Security Walls For Retail & Leisure Buildings
  • Freestanding ‘Anti Climb’ Security Walls -  up to 7.6m high
  • Independent Security Compartments
  • Large format Security Walls
  • Temporary Site Security Walls
  • Secure Compartments



Precast Concrete Security Walls


There are 5 wall systems to choose from for Security Walls:

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There are 5 wall systems to choose from for Security Walls: