Heavy Duty Applications - Horizontal Prestressed Precast Concrete Wall Panels

Panels span between steel columns. Simple fixing system, either clipped to column face or slotted between the column webs.

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Cantilever - Vertical Prestressed Precast Concrete Retaining Wall

Panels set vertically into a foundation 550m deep & tied in using cradles and reinforcing bars supplied.

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Arrow - Freestanding Precast Concrete Walls Panels

Free standing, movable panels that sit directly onto the structural concrete floor slab. Can be bolted down if required.

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Waste takes many forms from general and organic waste to recycling such as glass, plastic, tyres and paper. The correct storage and separation of these materials at waste transfer stations, composting and waste recycling facilities is critical to the successful onward processing. Our Precast concrete retaining wall system provides the ideal solution to meet the high demands at these sites for perimeter or divisional walls within new, existing or refurbished buildings.

Precast Concrete Retaining Walls which can also be known as ‘push walls’ or ‘thrust walls’ provide a durable and low maintenance solution along with fast installation. This ensures the transfer station or facility is completed sooner or back in service as fast as possible without lengthy on-site curing of traditional site cast walls.


Manufactured in controlled factory conditions using Quality Assured concrete, both precast and prestressed precast concrete wall panels provide a known performance, unlike traditional in-situ ‘poured’ walls reducing the need for specialist and costly engineering input.


Additional site security can be provided with the use of precast concrete security walling. Incorporation of additional cast in fixing sockets enables security wire and lighting to be easily fitted to the walls. Additional durability can be provided with the addition of a sacrificial steel plate flush fixed to the face of the prestressed concrete panels.


At ACP (Concrete) Ltd, we manufacture three different wall products in a wide range of sizes to suit almost all requirements.  Our unrivalled experience can help you to make the right choice between horizontal panels, vertical cantilever walls and free-standing waste recycling and push walling.

The following questions should be considered when determining the best solution:

  • What material(s) are you storing?
  • Wall height required
  • Is it in a building?
  • Existing or new building – if an existing building are the steel columns & foundations designed to accept the load from the stored material.
  • Do the walls to be single or double loaded?
  • Is there a legal requirement for fire protection/separation?
  • Flexibility requirement - Do you think you may need to move the wall, add an additional wall or extend the height of the walls at a later date?
  • Anticipated impact loads from outloading machinery.


Precast Concrete Retaining Walls, Push Walls or Thrust Walls Solutions

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There are 3 wall systems to choose from for Push and Waste Walls:

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If you are unsure about any of these questions or have any further questions, please contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail.


We have the experience and knowledge to help and support you throughout the full process from design, construction and installation to ensure your final solution is fit for purpose.

Our Prestressed and Precast Concrete Design and Installation Service

There are 3 wall systems to choose from for Push and Waste Walls