The principal role of all slurry stores, slurry tanks, slurry lagoons or slurry pits is to protect the environment by safely containing the organic waste matter and retain valuable fertiliser nutrients contained within until they can be safely spread on the land to be utilised by growing crops. The same is true for farmyard manure stores and muck middens.

A precast concrete storage system is an ideal solution to effectively manage slurry storage, whether you are looking to construct a slurry store (slurry tank) above ground, partially below or fully below ground, open or enclosed. This is because concrete is a hardwearing and dense surface which resists chemical attack from farms wastes and slurries. The concrete storage structure can be square or rectangular in shape giving you flexibility depending on the space/land available.

The following questions need to be considered:

  • Are you constructing a store or tank, above or below ground?
  • What are you looking to store? Dry manure, liquid slurry/digestate or dirty water?
  • What quantity of slurry/manure are you looking to store?
  • Do you require total containment or weeping wall storage solution?


The construction of new slurry & manure stores is governed by ‘The SSAFO Regulations’. There are variations between countries in the UK so please refer to those that are applicable to your site.


BEWARE – Bacterial decomposition of stored slurry produces deadly gases. These gases accumulate particularly in underground slurry stores or slurry pits and are released in large quantity when the slurry is moved or agitated. Before choosing the type of storage system, it is essential that you fully understand the potential dangers of storing slurry. Very useful guidance is given in the HSE Information Sheet – Managing Slurry on Farms



  • Total Containment Slurry Tanks & Reception Pits
  • Slurry tanks below Cattle / Livestock Buildings
  • Weeping Wall Slurry Stores / Strainer Boxes
  • Reception Pits & Small – Medium Slurry tanks
  • Slurry Channels & Cellar Systems
  • Outside or Undercover Manure Storage


Precast Manure & Slurry Stores, Tanks or Pits Solutions

There are 4 wall systems to choose from for Slurry & / or Manure Storage

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For Manure Only

For Manure Only

There are 4 wall systems to choose from for Slurry &/or Manure Storage