Heavy Duty Applications - Horizontal Prestressed Precast Concrete Wall Panels

Panels span between steel columns. Simple fixing system, either clipped to column face or slotted between the column webs.

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Prestressed Precast Kingpost Retaining Wall Solutions

Earth Retaining


The Kingpost Wall is a popular temporary or permanent retaining wall system used for structural applications. Also known as Soldier Piles or Lagging Walls or Berlin Walls they are often used for retaining earth for flood defences, embankments, deep excavations and security.

The kingpost retaining wall system offers a simple, fast, cost effective means of retaining soil on varying ground conditions. They are constructed from solider piles or H-shaped steel beams which are drilled deep within the earth into recently formed concrete piles at regular intervals, usually 1m-3m apart with the prestressed concrete retaining wall panels dropped in between the piles. The wall panels are designed to resist the load of the retaining soil and transfer it to the beams/piles. Lagging walls are installed as the excavation progresses to provide protection to the site.


Kingpost retaining walls are most usually designed and installed by specialist piling contractors who source the precast concrete panels from specialist concrete manufacturers such as ACP (Concrete) Ltd. Design considerations include the height/depth of the retaining wall, the spans between the piles and the anticipated surcharge loads.

Key Advantages of the Kingpost Wall System:

  • Quick and simple to install and ready for immediate follow on trades.
  • Cost effective and cheaper alternative to other piled retaining wall systems.
  • Suitable for permanent/temporary walls
  • Suitable for different ground conditions, including rock.
  • Relatively silent and vibration free installation when compared with other piled retaining wall systems.
  • Can be constructed with acoustic fences as part of the construction detail.
  • Can be constructed in tight boundary conditions.
  • Corner steels are fabricated off site so eliminating the requirement for hotworks on site as well as saving time.



  • Flood Defences
  • Embankments
  • Security

There is 1 wall system to choose from for

Kingpost Retaining Walls


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There are 1 wall system to choose from for Kingpost Walls