Vertical Prestressed and Precast Concrete Wall Panels

ACP Vertical Cantilever Concrete Walls Systems provide economic solutions for the construction of retaining walls to suit many different applications such as bulk storage bunkers, earth retaining walls, silage clamps, above/below ground tanks and bund walls. The panels are cast into a shallow foundation which provides the cantilever support for the wall.

There are 2 vertical concrete wall products to choose from:

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Cantilever - Vertical Prestressed Precast Concrete Retaining Wall

A MODERN ALTERNATIVE to traditional ‘L-Shapes’, this wall system is designed to provide a complete retaining wall solution, making it ideal for both above and below ground applications.


Please note that any information provided is to be used as a guide only. Any lifting/handling operations should be carried out by trained and competent personnel only. ACP (Concrete) Limited will not be held responsible for any damage or injuries in connection with handling or installation not carried out by ACP (Concrete) Limited.

  • About Our Cantilever Prestressed Precast Wall System

  • Why Choose Prestressed Precast Concrete Walls?

  • Product Sizes & Performance Specifications

    Wide Range of Sizes & Performance Specifications

    The prestressed wall panels are available in three standard thicknesses, to suit a wide range of anticipated loadings, and in a range of widths, the most commonly used being 1m, 1.2m and 1.5m. Heights are cast to your requirements.

    Click to download and view the 'Cantilever Vertical Wall Product Datasheet'

  • Design Guidance and Maximum Height Tables

    What Thickness/Type Do I Need To Use?

    The panel type required for you application depends on a number of factors:


    • The overall height of the wall.
    • The type of product to be stored or retained against the wall and its bulk density & angle of repose.
    • The profile of the stored material, will it be stored level with the top of the wall or will it be surcharged/heaped up above the height of the wall?
    • Any additional surcharge loading for example a vehicle on a retained earth bank.


    The tables show the panel types required for various stored/retained materials at a variety of heights. If the product you are retaining/storing is not listed please contact us for advice.

    Click to download and view pdf  'Design Guidance / Siteworks.'

    Click to download and view 'Cantilever maximum wall heights table.' or click on the relevant boxes below to view the maximum wall heights tables.

  • Installation and Delivery Guidance

    Brief Overview: How to install Cantilever Vertical Concrete Wall Panels

    To view a more detailed Step by Step Guide download and view the Installation and Delivery of the Cantilever Vertical Wall Panels.

Our Prestressed and Precast Concrete Design and Installation Service

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